Internet of Things

Thanks to Datavision’s IOT capabilities, smart gadgets become smarter. By getting insights into data collected from these IOT gadgets, discovering patterns in their data loads, getting the value of making sense out of it.

IOT sensors are becoming more and more present in several of our customer’s scenarios. Common ground for these scenarios are the huge amount of real-time data that these sensors are capable of loading into Datavision’s data lake. Datavision ML based platform will cover the primal necessity of having a platform capable of collecting, aggregating, enriching and making sense of valuable pieces of information that may be disguised within a vast and noisy amount of data.

Datavision’s architecture is fully capable of processing in real-time this vast amount of data and applying machine-learning capabilities that will enable predicting when a device may be at risk of failing, which bottlenecks may be present in our workflows or which anomalies may put at jeopardy our services performance.

IT operations boosts to higher levels of efficiency and lower operational costs.(e.g industrial IOT involves predictive maintenance thanks to AIOps).