Machine Learning

The AI core of DATAVISION is “Delfos”, which by detecting critical events in real time is able to prevent IT incidents and outages before the productive environments are affected. This transforms manual DevOps and IT operations into an automated scientific process, which discovers obvious events and enriches them with actionable data about context, severity, relevance and upcoming steps to be taken.

Improving customer satisfaction and the overall experience of our business’ end user is relying on predicting and avoiding service interruptions before they affect customers, all in all reducing the time it takes to find and solve critical events that endanger the stability of the system.

Delfos Observational Learning

Delfos is an ecosystem of distributed models that provides an accelerated way to train them and get insights in a timely fashion. Based on the capacity of leveraging the information gathered and compiled by all the different models that are participating in Delfos, lessons learned at that ecosystem are within the reach of all participants.

Your organization will take not only the benefit of preventing service issues based on your past data, but also get leverage of the anonymized experience of others, taking this way the benefit of Delfo’s observational learning.